ASSIGNMENT #2: Analyze a lesson's tasks, teach the lesson with a peer observation, conference with peer, reflect

DUE: March 31, 2012Example of Assignment:

Purple Text means not required for all trainings

Step 1: What are the tasks students will need to accomplish in a lesson you will be teaching?Step 2: What are the language requirements, listening, speaking, reading, and writing?Step 3: input/output analysis, how much time is the teacher talking? Students?Step 4: Interaction Analysis, are students working individually? In pairs? In small groups? Whole group?Step 5: Task Analysis, what proficiency levels of speaking, listening, reading, or writing are required to complete the task?Step 6: Assessment analysis, how will comprehension and learning be assessed?Step 7: Teach the lesson with a peer observing.Step 8: Conference with the peer who observed you teach your lessonStep 9: Reflect on your lesson and the experience.Step 10:Answer the following questions:

Reflection of Lesson/Peer Observation: Category 1

Lesson Date:

  1. Overall, how do you feel your lesson went? Were ELLs able to manage the tasks? Did they actively participate in the lesson?

  1. Would you change any part of the lesson? Why or why not?

  1. What part of the lesson did you find most helpful for ELLs?

  1. Was this experience helpful? Why or why not?